In June of 2019 we are started a new series for those members who want an 'in-depth' understanding of the Model T.  We call it 'The Learner's Club' Workshop.  Club experts led the session thru the rebuilding of a Model T rear axle and differential.  Four-three hour sessions took the group thru the messy process, from start to finish.

Club President- Nik Martin

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List of Suppliers

*Lang’s, MA     (978) 297-1919
*Bob’s,  IL      (815) 633-7244
*Snyder’s, OH     (330) 549-5313
*Chaffin’s, CA     (951) 735-4791
**Ron Paetz, Lone Pine Enterprises, WI     (608) 604-7534
**Julius & Marvin Neunhoffer, TX     (830) 257-8168
**Dave Huson, 2116 Charro Ave. Longmont, Co. 80504
Phone 313-774-9246
**Bob Hagelgantz, KS     (785) 731-5285
*Birdhaven Vintage Auto Supply, IA     (515) 674-3949     
*Antique Auto Ranch    2225 N. Dollar Rd. in Spokane Valley, WA 99212
(509) 535-7789   
*Andy Loso
323 W MN ST
St Joseph, MN 56374
(320) 293-1953
*Steve's T Works, LLC
Model T Ford Service, Repair, New & Used Parts.
Longbranch, WA
(253) 884-1925
*Smith & Jones
60 Wisconsin Street
West Columbia
SC 29170
(803) 822-4141

* New & refurbished parts (Also used parts not advertised; you have to ask.)
** All or mostly used parts

Here's a link to MTFCA website for access to the  Model T Ford Encyclopedia