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Club President- Nik Martin

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Do I have to own a Model T to join the KCChuggers?

Absolutely NOT!!!  This is a club about the Model T Ford and people who appreciate the Model T.  There are members of the club who own one or more Model T's, and others do not own a Model T, but have an interest in the classic automobile that Henry Ford created.  All that are interested are welcome. 

Is the club only limited to Model T cars?

Our focus is the Model T Ford, but some members have cars of other makes from the same era.  Just because they are not Model T's does not mean we don't all share the same passion.  We welcome owners of other cars, and look forward to learning from each other. 

Does the club have meetings?

YES!!!  We have regularly scheduled meetings (please see the "ABOUT US" page) as to information about meetings.  There is a social aspect to the meetings, as well as a forum to exchange questions and ideas.

What happens in the meetings?

There are no oaths, secret handshakes, or rituals...  The KCChuggers Club is all about learning from each other and enjoying all of the aspects relating to appreciating vehicles that made the USA the country that it is today.  There is parliamentary structure to the meetings, but the purpose is to enjoy and learn from the various members. 

If I join, do I have to come to the meetings?

Our bylaws require a guest to attend two meetings prior to joining our Chapter. However, coming to meetings is not a requirement after joining the KCChuggers.  We encourage members to attend the meetings, but we understand that everyone lives with a busy schedule. 

Is this a Model T Club for "guys" only?

ABOSUTELY NOT!!!  Many of our members are ladies who are interested in Model T's, and others come along with their partners and participate with the club.  Either way, everyone is on the same footing.  If you like the lore of Model T's, come and share your passion with our group.

Can I come to a meeting even if I am not a member?

On the "About Us" page is listed information about meetings.  Any interested guest is welcome to attend our monthly meetings.  We only ask that you give our President a 'Heads Up', so he can welcome you.  The best way to do this is to use the "contact Us" page on this web site.

If you have a question that has not been addressed here... please send a message on the "Contact Us" page